5 Major Misconceptions About Live Streaming an Event

Live streaming concerts, conferences and other special events has become extremely popular during the last decade. From TED Talks to the Coachella festival, online viewers have a wealth of options when it comes to entertaining and educational live streams. Unfortunately, many business and organization leaders have misconceptions about streaming that keeps them from embracing this… Continue reading

Top 4 Tips to Maximize Video Marketing for Your Brand

Your company already has a strong marketing strategy. You follow all the best practices to reach potential customers and increase conversions. Adding video to the mix connects you with the 78 percent of people watching online every week and the 55 percent watching every day. This vast audience of potential customers is waiting for the… Continue reading

5 Industries successfully using VR

Virtual Reality is taking the stage as developers create more and more affordable pieces of tech for consumers. With this new technology, users can experience exciting new environments and engage with media in a whole new way. From healthcare to education to home and commercial construction, it's revolutionizing the way people experience the digital world.… Continue reading

Ways to turn your Live Stream into Revenue

Do you have a product you want to launch? Do you have an charity event coming up? Do you have a performance that could grab people’s attention? Well, live streaming is the best opportunity for you. Live streaming is the method of broadcasting live video content using a camera (or many cameras) and a computer… Continue reading