AR vs. VR: A Lesson in Altered Realities

The best marketing outreach alters reality. In demonstrating how products and services can make life better, it entices viewers to change how they interact with the world around them. Your marketing will become far more impactful if it brings audiences into the realities that you’d like to portray. What kind of existence should you construct… Continue reading

Live Streaming: Boost Sales and Cut Costs

No matter the industry they work in, business leaders know that sales are essential to success. For consumer-driven businesses, building solid sales is about more than just offering great products and services. It's about providing stellar customer support and investing the right amount of money in marketing without overshooting a budget. It might sound simple,… Continue reading

The World’s Transition from TV to Digital Advertising

As consumers continue to move away from television as a major source of information and entertainment, digital advertising is taking the marketing world by storm. Businesses looking to capture the largest possible market must re-focus their advertising efforts by bringing their brands to the new channels through which customers are consuming content. Viewing Habits are… Continue reading