A New Augmented Reality Industry: Construction

The trusty hardhat might soon lose its undisputed title as the most important piece of headgear found on construction sites. Instead, builders and architects are turning to augmented reality, or AR, devices to keep important undertakings moving along. Although they’re not exactly geared for improving workplace safety, these technologies are doing wonders in terms of… Continue reading

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Live Streaming

Live streaming has become an incredibly popular way to broadcast special events, product demonstrations, interviews and more to viewers around the globe. Business executives understand that live streams offer unique opportunities to build connections with consumers while helping cut down on marketing costs too. As with any new marketing innovation, live streams have both substantial… Continue reading

Branded Content vs. Native Advertising: A Comparison

Interesting, relevant content remains one of the most powerful ways to reach your target audience with your brand. Content boosts visibility and encourages potential customers to learn more about your products and services. You have several choices when it comes to putting your brand in front of your audience, and both branded content and native… Continue reading

The Magic of Turning Content into Revenue

Within the past decade or so, many businesses have become increasingly entranced by the prospect of content marketing; video marketing in particular has seemed an alluring option for many teams. However, this is an arena in which businesses often fail to succeed. It's not that they aren't producing excellent videos, either. Companies often partner with… Continue reading