Live Streaming: Not Just for Facebook

Facebook Live has given individual consumers and major brands an incredible way to reach out to millions of viewers in real time. When it comes to live streaming as a business strategy, though, it’s important to remember that there’s a lot more out there than just Facebook. Here are five big reasons that diversification is… Continue reading

Branded Content: The Next Level

The evolution of branded content is prompting companies to re-examine the way they connect with customers. This method of promoting a brand isn’t a new concept, but practices are continually updated in response to audience reactions, market shifts and changes in purchasing habits. Today’s most successful companies are creating messages to increase engagement in unique… Continue reading

Are We Overlooking Snapchat?

Lately, it seems impossible to check on tech news without seeing something about Snapchat. However, this is nothing new for Snap, which is wildly popular among the 18-34 set. Famous for its filters, this app has been generating major buzz ever since its very inception. A perennial favorite of millennials, the app offered users the… Continue reading

Our Favorite Co-working Space: Vampire Creative

A new co-working space designed for creative professionals, media based and tech startups, virtual/augmented reality specialists, and animation artists has just opened up in Hoboken, NJ and needless to say, we are thrilled! From “...Whether you’re an individual looking to pursue your craft in a creative environment, a media startup in search of a… Continue reading