Mixed Reality :: Multiple Objects & Backgrounds

For this test we set up the ability to change environments by pushing the trackpad on the Vive controller within Unity. We also set up the ability to pick up and interact with virtual objects (the tire iron and confetti gun). We have the ability to make sound effects trigger when an object is used… Continue reading

Mixed Reality :: Kids Educational Content

The Stream Diva has figured out a way to change Kid's Educational Content with Mixed Reality. The hardest part about teaching kids, is maintaining their attention the entire time. With Mixed Reality kid's will not be engaged as they learn about the alphabet, numbers...the possibilities are limitless. For this test we were able to have… Continue reading

Mixed Reality :: Coloring Book

For this test we took our 3D animated coloring book world and brought it into the real world by busting out the green screen again. We were able to put James in the virtual world using mixed reality and able to control depth (foreground and background) as he moves around the virtual objects. Continue reading