Augmented Reality is the opposite of Mixed Reality. Here, we take virtual, computer-generated elements and layer them into the real world. As the first company to focus on Augmented Entertainment, we create custom augmented, interactive experiences for brands, networks and publishers.

Kids Educational Entertainment

Augmented Reality is a great way to engage, educate and entertain kids of all ages. We work with clients to understand needs, then build memorable augmented educational lessons.

Innovative Augmented Experiences

Game shows and Talk shows have looked the same for decades. By adding augmented elements to live action shows, we are bringing new life to these genres.

Augmented Reality Consulting

Step outside of the virtual world and bring your virtual objects along. With the help of virtual trackers, QR codes and real time keying, we can blur the line between what is virtual and what is reality.

Interactive Virtual Objects

As with Mixed Reality, interactivity is the key to this field of immersive experiences. We create and program interacting objects that are layered into the real world