Mixed Reality takes the real world elements and blends it into virtual, computer-generated worlds.

As leaders in the new field of Mixed Reality Entertainment, our creative and technical experts create immersive, one-of-a-kind, brand experiences that engage target audiences.


Mixed Reality Experiential Marketing

Mixed Reality is great for experiential marketing campaigns. We work with clients to create activations that engage live audiences and result in emotional connections with the brand.


Real Time Animation

Mixed Reality brings animated characters to life in a whole new way.With real time facial and body tracking, live actors can make animated characters talk, move and interact with each other, reducing the time and cost of post production.


Mixed Reality Set Design

There are a number of ways to create a Mixed Reality studio. From room size to warehouse size Mixed Reality sets, we consult with clients to assess the tools and equipment needed, and then design and build the perfect Mixed Reality studio.


Interactive Virtual Objects

Interactivity is the key to immersive experiences. Objects in mixed reality are more than simple 3D models. Whether your goal is to entertain or educate, we can engage your viewers with interactive 3D elements.